Abdourahman Boreh succeeds in corruption case against Djibouti

The Franco-Djiboutian businessman Abdourahman Boreh has just been cleared of corruption in the case of Djibouti. The Djiboutian opponent was accused of having collected millions of dollars for the granting of the management of the port of Doraleh to DP World. The wealthy businessman was in the midst of a nearly ten-year conflict between DP World, the port subsidiary of the government holding company Dubai World, and the Djiboutian authorities.

Djibouti accused it of having received tens of millions of dollars and shareholdings in companies from DP World in order to facilitate in 2000, for a period of fifty years, the concession of the terminal of Containers from Doraleh. The International Court of Arbitration ruled on Tuesday 21 February 2017 in London where the businessman is exiled. Thus, the Djiboutian state has been rejected, its claims rejected and has to settle the costs of the arbitration which amount to more than 10 million dollars (9.47 million euros).

On the announcement of the verdict, Abdourahman Boreh, said: “I really hope that after trying to destroy me and ruin my reputation internationally, the Djiboutian government will stop this vendetta motivated by political reasons. Nearly $ 100 million could have been used to improve the living conditions of the poor in Djibouti rather than feed false accusations against me and DP World.

Sources, http://www.financialafrik.com

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