Somaliland:President Meets Danish Development Cooperation Minister

HARGEISA-President Ahmed Mohamed Siilaanyo met with Danish Development Cooperation Minister Christian Friis Bach in his office today. According to a press release from the President’s office the meeting took place at the president’s office where Mr. Bach was welcome by the president.

Hargeisa-(Berberanews/Somalilandpress)-President Siilaanyo welcomed the Danish delegation headed by Christian Bach the Development Cooperation Minister and said Somaliland’s strong bilateral relationship with Denmark has made Denmark one of the top donor countries that provide support to Somaliland on the areas of social progress and development. Speaking at the meeting, Danish Development Cooperation Minister lauded Somaliland’s progress in key areas of tranquility, human rights, development and stability the key role that it can play in the region.

He reiterated that his government remains committed to increase the assistance that it provides to Somaliland in a bid to improve the human life in the areas of social progress. Mr. Christian further commented that Somaliland achieved the advance of democracy and security in a hostile and challenging region and called on Somaliland government to strengthen the system of governance in the country.

The Minister publicized his government’s plan to soon open offices in Somaliland and further discussed how to sustain good governance and improve the life of Somaliland people. After meeting with the president, Mr. Christian Bach and his delegation also met with Speakers of Somaliland National Assembly.


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